Mar 15

Warner Bros affiliates Jennifer Lawrence for It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War

Warner Bros. has affiliated Jennifer Lawrence to star in Steven Spielberg’s “It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War,” said sources. The studio got an auction earlier on Monday for the rights to the autobiography by Lynsey Addario, as award-winning photojournalist.

Andrew Lazar, the producer of American Sniper is on board the drama. The whole project attracted several offers following an example of Addario’s essay appeared in New York Times Magazine. Addario traveled to war-torn places like Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. He also won MacArthur Fellowship in the year 2008 and was part of the New York Times team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for International Reporting for her work in Waziristan. She was jailed for several days in Libya in 2011.

Lazar’s company’s Wynn Wygal will manage “It’s What I Do.” Racheline Benveniste and Julia Spiro are overseeing for the studio. Steven Spielberg is in post-production on the popular DreamWorks-Disney Cold War thriller, starring Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks as attorney James Donovan that has been dated for 16th October. The studios have also set Steven Spielberg’s version of Roald Dahl’s kids’ book “The BFG” for 1st July, 2016. Continue reading →

Mar 15

CC Brooks photo art show at Zen

Photograph Artwork Movie Score: three / 5

Mar 15

“Sunday Drives” 3D Photo Art Pieces Cheyenne L Rouse – VW Beetle

Picture Artwork Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

Jan 15

Photo Fine-art Paint Jam – Session 2, Live Painting

Picture Art Video Score: 4 / five

Jan 15

Backyard wildlife offers great inspiration for young photographers

Catherine Willett, now seventeen and Ella Harrison, now thirteen, from Townsville are among the photographers to be recognized for their skills in photography, in the Backyard Safari Photography Competition of the museum.

Scott Eipper, the South-east Queensland photographer, won the open category that Ella Harrison won the basic category and Catherine Willett won the 2nd category. Catherine’s snap is a close up snap of a blow fly on a blade of grass in Cardwell.

She added that she was just looking around the ground, there were few flowers as well as other things. She was just looking for bugs and other smaller things to photograph. She just noticed that as she was sitting there. It really stayed long and she took the photograph. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Photo Art

Image Art Video clip Score: five / five

Dec 14

Hackney’s lenses relive memories of First World War

The photographic genius of Irish man George Hackney who had been an amateur photographer before and also a soldier in the First World War helped to relive the brutal and touching memories of the war.

Though taking unofficial photographs was illegal and strictly prohibited, Hackney’s fascination for the shutterbugs prompted him to smuggle a small camera that he could conceal from all along with him when he was summoned to fight.

The shots he had captured were realistic and heart rending. Most of the men featuring in the master shots did not live to see the light of the day as this futile war took lives of millions. Hackney fortunately lived for a long time and had entered into his late 80s. He shared his creativity with his loved ones. His mesmerizing work of art was given to the Ulster Museum in Belfast in the United Kingdom in 1977 before his demise. However it remained their unexplored and unseen for over three decades until the curator of the museum gave them to a filmmaker two years back.

A remarkable documentary has been made by Brian Henry Martin on the life an experience of Lance Corporal Hackney, who served the 36th Ulster Division. The photos captured by him are highly realistic and show life like images like a Sergeant mounted on a horse holding a rifle, and also personal moments of a soldier writing a letter. Mr. Martin stated that Hackney had actually handed over photos of his colleagues to their family who never returned after the War. This unique album will be displayed to the public at the Ulster Museum in the New Modern History gallery from the 26th of November.

Dec 14

Vibe Photo Art 手繪油畫 (8 mins Video)

Picture Artwork Movie Ranking: five / five

Dec 14

Photography to communicate

Another striking incident has been revealed as a man suffering from complete deafness had embraced the medium of photography to overcome his desolation and communicate with the outer world. Adam Richard, 22, who is a student of art and a resident of Acushnet, Massachusetts, had been suffering from hearing disabilities for a long time that had forced him to lead an isolated and meaningless life.

He did not interact with the outside world and his only were his parents, Steven Richard and Sharon Hollis, some of his teachers and a small group of friends who shared a similar disability as him. Continue reading →

Nov 14

Portraits of Animals … Photo – Art by Sandra Probstfeld

Picture Artwork Video clip Ranking: five / five