Mar 14

Photo Trainings Great Photo Art

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Mar 14

British Wildlife Photography Awards

A stunning exhibit of hundred photographic snaps of wildlife, including commended and winning entries starts soon at the Stockwood Discovery Centre. British Wildlife Photography Awards were made to lionize the talents of both pro and amateur photographers, while at the same time highlighting the wealth of Brit natural history.

With twelve different categories that even includes a special class for Wildlife in HD Video, the awards magnificently reveal the beauty of Britain’s wild species. Also, there are 2 junior categories to boost young people to relate with nature via photography.

Bedfordshire’s Neil Aldridge was among the winners. He had won a title for his docu series The Alternative’ that looks at badger cull as well as explores substitute methods to culling. The Photographer of the Year champ George Karbus (of www.timhenselphotography.com) depicted his magical moment along with a surfing dolphin as a great lucky shot.

According to reports, he stated that the snap was taken in the most intimidating as well as surf heavy place on Coast of Northern Ireland. He encountered this lovely dolphin which suddenly begun to surf the deep tube in the waves. Every time, the dolphin got into the wave, he dived under the water, held his breath and awaited for the time when he would swish through a silver barrel close enough to his lens. Water visibility is always limited in Ireland, and he was lucky to get a snap like this.

Feb 14

Shout out to the fans of my Photo Art

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Jan 14

Turning Photos into Art; Canvas Photo-Art

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Jan 14

Wildlife Photographer speaks about his magnificent tour

A wildlife photographer from South Dacota told that his newest job for National Geographic drove him to South Mongolia to click of an elusive bear.

Photographer Joe Riis clicked Gobi bear, and the researcher attempting to go after this rare creature. The well known magazine will publish the 1st full feature in 2014. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Photo ART

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Dec 13


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Nov 13


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Oct 13

Williamston couple’s works gets clicked

A wall at Knight’s Place is not a thing that diners can dismiss. Every month, the work of some of the top artists of the region gets their attention very quickly. This would be another chance to get some attention – there will be an exhibit.

The Williamston pair is award winning creative persons. Amy creates and paints ceramic art, and Mike forms sculptures from copper and steel. They, recently, started to pool their endowments as they make art that combines these things. Their little collaborative art normally starts with clay. Once they are in their final shape, they finish and color the sculpture in ceramic pieces, and then the cooperative work with metal starts.

The work of 4 artists will be displayed, including the conjoined art work by the long-familiar sculptor Mike Kronenberg as well as Amy Kronenberg’s work, whose work mixed media, acrylics, watercolors has turned heads. Mike Kronenberg told that recently, his wife and he have collaborated with their respective specialties to make perfectly combined works of art. These have been a delight to produce and they appear to be a very popular form of art.

Recently a group of photography enthusiasts came to click the snaps of their works. One of the photographer stated that photography of these things are highly ignored these days.

Oct 13

Space Dreams Photo Art by Mirja Nuutinen

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