Backyard wildlife offers great inspiration for young photographers

Catherine Willett, now seventeen and Ella Harrison, now thirteen, from Townsville are among the photographers to be recognized for their skills in photography, in the Backyard Safari Photography Competition of the museum.

Scott Eipper, the South-east Queensland photographer, won the open category that Ella Harrison won the basic category and Catherine Willett won the 2nd category. Catherine’s snap is a close up snap of a blow fly on a blade of grass in Cardwell.

She added that she was just looking around the ground, there were few flowers as well as other things. She was just looking for bugs and other smaller things to photograph. She just noticed that as she was sitting there. It really stayed long and she took the photograph.

She said that she loves nature photos and his favorite is macro as well as close ups of different things. She also loves birds and landscapes as well. Catherine got interested in photography when she was just ten years old.

But things really took off when she got her first SLR camera when she was fourteen years old. She likes clicking pictures of things that people might miss or they might not notice on a daily basis. In general, she tries and plays around with the lighting as well as different filters to create various effects or utilize different angles.

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