Homeless People Turn Photographers for an Exhibition

Cafi Art Australia has done something unique in regards to photography in the two consecutive months of July and August of 2016.

The organization has given cameras to people who once in their lifetime had gone through the horrible experience of being homeless in a way or other. The authority had given ninety-five cameras to such people, and all the cameras were disposable.

As a result, all the people have taken some mesmerizing shots and to showcase them publicly the authority is arranging its opening exhibition. The exhibition will be at Sidney on 1st October. The timing will be at 3 pm sharp. Participants will be allowed to share their stories and experiences and their way of thinking that worked for taking the photographs.

The entire concept is driven by the thought of making a connection of those people, affected by homelessness, with the rest of the society. This way such people will be encouraged to continue with their passion, at the same time they will be more confident and will see the world differently with positive vibes. It will also raise awareness about an important fact like homelessness amidst people.

There is also the provision of selecting the best photographs on the basis of public voting. The first thirteen images will be featured in the 2017 calendar. On the very day of the exhibition, another project is going to be launched. This project will give scope to people who can request for certain photographs along with the related stories to be added to the calendar.

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