How to Alter a Photo – Altered Art Mixed Media Style with Milliande Part 2

Picture Art Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. I was just a bit distracted…don’t know why

  2. Hey guys my name is LeAnne I’m 17 yrs old please chack out me art journal video and let me know what you think:)

  3. missusgmoments

    amazing.. simply amazing talent. i could only wish for a touch of your skill to rub off. thank you for sharing !!!!

  4. First of all, thank you for posting videos of how you work. Time and time again I’ll see images that I admire and just wish I could see the process of how it’s done. Every video of yours that I’ve seen so far I love what you’ve produced. You have inspired me to keep working in my art journal.

  5.  ..neat bleach .. 🙂

  6. Great video. Can I ask what stength bleach you sprayed on? Is it neat bleach or diluted down?

  7. debbiehayslrtte

    love this…thanks for sharing.

  8. like all the layers on this and its nice to know that there are other mums out there who also have permanetly inky fingers! thanks for sharing all this

  9. NJGardengirl1961

    I would love to find these stamps that you have used…have searched the internet. Any hints, Milliande?

  10. ohh I def love playing,…. we had a carved stamped prompt in the club …and the spiral stamp has become a firm sneakes in everywhere ..giggle I rarely plan so tend to grab whats in plain sight and experiment …glad you liked it , thanks for taking the time to comment ♥ milliande

  11. Lovely! I REALLY like that you take these stamps and other supplies and completely add your own twist to them. It’s obvious that you have fun playing and exploring the different combinations. Thanks for sharing this video!

  12. VamLoveAndKisses

    I love how the photo looked at the end! But to be honest, I prefered the whole page when it was red because the photo stood out more. 🙂

  13. I love your videos. They help me to try new things because you have so many products that I don’t. I bought glazing medium yesterday and I love it!!! Thanks for sharing your journaling with us.

  14. i love the yellow coming out of the corners!

  15. TopazPearleGirl

    Love all the layers!

  16. vagabondscribbler

    That looks unbelievable Milliande, I can’t wait to try it

  17. Love and appreciate your video’s sooo much

  18. cassiedarling

    Love how it turned out!

  19. rizzin2thetop

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing.