How to Alter a Photo – Altered Art Mixed Media Style with Milliande

Photo Art Movie Rating: four / 5

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  1. jamestargetedindiv

    Closely listen to an Inception dvd made before the January 8thTucson shooting, especially around, “‘Do It.”

  2. looks loke an ancient greek painting or sculpture, thas kool!

  3. NJGardengirl1961

    This has inspired me to start an art journal…I have not done any art since grade school, many years ago. I love it and enjoy your videos so much. I daydream at work about working on my journal when I get home!!!

  4. love the sanding technique with the rubbing plates. On to watch part 2.

  5. Great idea to sand over the texture plate. Thanks

  6. giggle ..DID YOU ?? Misty Mawn has a prompt for this weeks art journal january on altered photos – i had never altered a photo before so searched through my stash of books and came across the “altered Imagery ” one ..and though ok ..give it a whirl… giggle
    will go take a peek at your video … well GREAT MINDS and all …
    ♥ milliande

  7. did you know i did EXACTLY this tutorial last week in my video?? scary coincidence …..!!!

  8. vagabondscribbler

    What fun… I can’t wait for my book to get here, I ordered it online a few days ago, should be here any day now..

  9. This was great! I am wondering if you could use the texture sheets that are for use with polymer clay instead of the rubbing plates. You could probably make your own using hot glue on wood, too. Looks like an interesting book…I’ll look for it next time I go to the bookstore. Soon, I hope!

  10. I keep hearing about sanding photographs.. Love the look but I have yet to try it. I think I will. Can’t wait to see the final effect on the photograph with the bleach!

    I was going to ask also about the rubbing plates.. very cool. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that here in the states. I will look further now though!

  11. Interesting.

  12. are you in the US? because ive seen lots at almost any art store ive been to.

  13. I love your videos!

  14. Great ideas! Thanks for introducing the book to us.