How to Make YoVille Whiteboard Photo Art

Photo Artwork Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. thecoolking2001

    we want more coeds

  2. Version 1.2 has just been posted which includes Alt-Shift-2 as a hotkey in addition to Alt-Shift-F2

  3. hey dude i was wondering can i do this on my labtop and also can you change the picture

  4. What alternative key would be good? Perhaps Alt-Shift-2 (number 2)? I sometimes find myself hitting that by mistake instead of F2. I’ll put this in the next version.

  5. A reasonable question. There is a lot of bad stuff out there.

    My program has no viruses or spyware. It’s hard for me to PROVE that it is clean, but you can judge based on my reputation. For quite a while I have been making programs (and non-programs such as the photo tour) to help with yoville. See my other videos and my blog.

  6. Does this program have a virus

  7. Mail sent mate. Appreciate ur hard work and also appreciate that you are willing to share it with others. rare trait these days. Best wishes for u & this new program that looks real good :).. regards, Arif.