Machos & Monster Boys

Image Art Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Dolphininvisible

    Brilliant video, Jan! Not to mention no less than than 3 pics of Belami`s amazing Thomas Lane. All from his first photoshoot with the company. He has another, slightly older and more secure in front of the camera, but still the same superb physique and mysterious facial expression. Monster – apart from the title – suited the pics of these hotties to a teeth. Excellent symetry between music, sweeps, zooms, shifts and transitions gave the video vitality and rhytm. In a way the boys danced to Gaga.

  2. Naturelover925

    At 2.11,love the fig leaf.*u*God bless.

  3. so hot

  4. Ooh la, la….Jan, some very sexy guys in your vid.
    Fantastic your selection of blond guys and the
    song is super. Thank you!

  5. I love so much blonds! A lot of Belami and corbin Fisher’s guys are blonds

  6. Aloha…. WOOF!…Mahalo…sub back please….

  7. WOW!!!! Beautiful!!!

  8. tennysonjmckinney2


  9. BeingWhoYouAre

    Terrific Video! Thanks!  Hot stuff! Saved & Faved and Thumbs UP! ♥ Wade

  10. Great vid with Good Song !!! … Thanks – Mike

  11. Yum!

  12. Splendid
    i love your blond bois………..!!
    they are so adorable

  13. awesome video guys are just incredibly hot

  14. Very awesome video and song which fits the video

  15. electbassplayer24

    SENSATIONAL! these boys all have natural male beauty, they rival the belAmi guys. Ashtytn Long is one of my all time faves, this boy has angelic good looks, by far a modeling agency’s dream! The Nation will be a buzz this weekend when I flash this clip upon the screen, thanks Jan for your hard work and loving care that you expend into making these amazing videos. All my best to you dear friend.

  16. Great Video!! Love it and The song Goes well with the video. 🙂

  17. wow; yea, I agree with my friend Chris; these guys are just incredibly hot; I love blonds and would happily go halves with my Canadian buddy. I bet they taste good ; P

  18. a wonderful share.. thanks.. so much..

  19. The monster is not in my bed .. but .. in my pants
    In such images, it always comes back .. laughing ..
    Great pictures, although a bit too fast ..
    But I’m old .. and not so quick ..
    Is only one way .. Download and enjoy .. 😉

    Thank you, great job .. Happy Easter .. <333

  20. SunsetterIndy

    oh my.. I am smiling —-> :)


    Great video, perfectly paced to match the pageshifts – and nice mixtures of colours and forms. But with so many of my favourite models (Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, Thomas Lane & Tim Hamilton especially) and actor (Ryan Phillipe) I almost would have wished you had chosen a slower song, so we could have seen a little more of this eyecandy treat before it shifted to another photo.

  22. always will have a monster crush on 0:22 and would love to have him eat something for me