Machos & Touch Me

Image Art Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. Belles Photos :-))))

  2. Such a stunning  and sensual video soundtrack was great

  3. Apart from the video, I thought the song brought the clip down.

  4. FranciscovieiraMega

    Uma delícia de vídeo sexy, com
    música para amar, amar e amar.

  5. Impressively erotic. The navel shots, the jaw stubble, the capture of passion…all stunning.

  6. DivinesHelenoras


  7. TheEsacitsuj1

    Very Hot Video*****Very handsome dude :-)


    Elegant and smooth video, which makes the song appear sophisticated rather than sleazy. That should cover it all. Great work! Faved and liked.:-)

  9. Gorgeous photos I totally love them and great soundtrack

  10. Love the music and the splendid job. Jan, this is a true masterpiece. Number one is a dream! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a favorite.


  11. Great video and music..In my favorites Thanks for sharing Glenn

  12. Usually I prefer colours, but here blanc/white are great!

  13. “SPLENDID” !!!

  14. Hot n sexy

  15. Oh My… have added this to the list.. and have you and it featured Jan.. awesome..

  16. Romantic Adam ;0-))))))))))

  17. Incredibly sensual – thanks for sharing!

  18. Hmmmmm, big KISS, love itt Aram..

  19. electbassplayer24

    Love your Boyz Jan! they’re always way Hot and soooooo sexy. This clip will turn many a young man s thoughts to Spring n other things today. Awesome photos my friend, thank you for loving us enough to share the delight. Just amazing! merci beau coup mon ami.

  20. Jan — this is true art and I do love # 1 which I will nickname this vid – the hot scene of the nip and ass with # 1 repeating and the firm grab of those melon butt checks with # 5 at the end are perfect but then the whole vid was – thanks for entertaining me on a vacation morning today