Machos & Wish You…

Picture Artwork Movie Score: 5 / five

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  1. Beautiful
    xkh 324

  2. If Santa was that hot he wouldn’t leave here, lovely video

  3. electbassplayer24

    Lovely Jan! very lovely clip, All the very best of the season and Holidays to you dear friend.

  4. Thanks so much, Jan. May God Bless you this blessed Christmas Season.Hugs and kisses.

  5. SunsetterIndy

    Jan.. hello.. thank you for your comments and for sending this wonderful video.. it has been added to the 2011 Christmas Playlist.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. bill.. 🙂

  6. butterflyingrid

    Oh my goodness, Jan, what a fantastic video with original, as well as beautiful sexy pictures.
    Great mix of songs that I like to hear with rhythms, the go into the blood and lift me from the chair to dance! ¯_(ツ)_/¯♪♥
    Really magnificent and refreshing.
    I’m glad I’m here now to enjoy your Christmas greetings.
    Thank you my dear friend!
    I wish you a magical weekend, a beautiful christmas holiday with fun, relax, friendship, chocolate, well, everything you like … ♡
    Hugs, ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ingrid

  7. Fantastic and sexy video with a great song…love it!!!!Merry Christmas for you Jan : ))

  8. Jan, what a sparkling original Holiday greeting. Your originality is astouding. Sending you kisses for the Holidays and wished you the best Holiday ever. Remember dear Jan, how much your loved. Thanks for the lovely greeting.



  9. Thank you Jan
    You can send me the bois
    Keep the snow to your self
    I’d like it to be 32 to 36 degrees
    Hot n sunny for the beach
    Hugs … Jeff 🙂

  10. at 38 seconds in I,ve finally found what happened to my hat, i guess i got off ny knees and it just clipped off, what a great hat holder, mant thanks we,re not worthy. Love rcoky

  11. Bellissimo video!!! complimenti

  12. Thanks Jan!! May you have the best Christmas and New Year as well!!

  13. A awesome Christmas gifts Jan :))
    I wish such a Santa Claus comes to me…lol
    Thank you for all your wishes, I wish you from my heart
    the same. Take care and a hug….Steffi

  14. what a lovely Christmas wish and gift Jan – just the hot view at 0:30 would have been enough but the entire group of photos and hearing the joyous expression of giving ones heart last Christmas made it beautiful – adios amigo

  15. He Jan…………………..
    Many thk’s for uploading this
    delightful video
    christmas is a so great holliday
    for children and their parents……….!!

  16. Very nice

  17. ….♥♥ great video !!! thanks ♥♥….

  18. The video is just right …
    I go for 6 weeks in the hospital, my back ..
    Since I’ll be taking the video … and think of you ..
    Thank you .. really awesome ..