Photo to cartoon to pop art tutorial in photoshop

Image Artwork Video Score: four / 5

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  1. MasterMcGill2

    Have you done a full pop art video?

  2. UmagangKayGundam69

    That was awesome! I was planning to lineart most of the pictures that i edit, but now, i’ll just do that instead

  3. michelleschannels

    Great video- but how do I flatten it? Everytime I try it changes everything so i’m unable to copy paste it into another document! (help!)

  4. MrElectrifying12

    works 100% easy, its especial program

  5. no need for the music.

  6. Raoufmaakache


  7. thanks a lot dude!! great tutorial 😀

  8. AWESOME!!!

  9. what is with the music? Fucking irritating!

  10. this is awesome!!!! 😀

  11. thank you

  12. good tutorial!! One thing you did not mention is that if you click on the eye of your two middle layers you can colour sample straight from the photo for stuff like hair or clothing so that you are not guessing at what would be realistic. just FYI

  13. Dave, I’m sure you are brilliant with Photoshop, but lousy at video editing. Couldn’t hear a bloody thing you said, and hence got nothing from your tutorial.

  14. this is excellent!!! Thank you so much….!!!!I appreciate it!!!!

  15. This is shit

  16. just what i needed! its perfect! thanks so much

  17. Wowwweeeee thanks!!! I LOVE IT! You are a very good teacher also.

  18. lmacnaughton1212

    but ur tutorial kicks ass

  19. lmacnaughton1212

    ur music makes my ears bleed

  20. Nice, very very nice. I had to play around with the threshold alittle cuz there was no lines to tell me where the poster in my picture ended. Great tut <3

  21. like the video, easy tofollow

  22. I watched alot of videos, yours is the best one, so are the results.

  23. NICE!!! I had a question!!at the end even if i start with the color skin,… at the end when I go Filter, sketch, halftone pathern and 7 50 dot…. the skin turns color BLUE!!! WHY???I tried also diferent sketches and all gave the BLUE result.
    HELP!!!!! thanks!

  24. thx you help me a lot …. I will have an A in art cuz of U

  25. ChrisMcgowan1

    i think she was beautiful .