Professional Roy Lichtenstein style Photo into a Comic cartoon NO FILTERS

Photograph Art Online video Score: four / five

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  1. bittenbyazebra

    Awesome job. Now I need´╗┐ to get a bamboo tablet! ­čÖé

  2. spongeboob2287

    Coolio :-)´╗┐

  3. TheSubwaysurfer

    Masterful job. Bravo. Great tutorial! Even though I do caricatures professionally, I’ve always wanted to´╗┐ know how to do this!

  4. Because money is used in exchange for goods and services ´╗┐

  5. your lines will be smoother if you turn the spacing down to 0 or 1, instead of the 25 default´╗┐ setting.

  6. xenmasterxenon


  7. LOL. ´╗┐

  8. Umm no? he used dots, ben-day dots.´╗┐

  9. architectus777

    I don’t´╗┐ think so. Magazines print in dots. Even if he wanted dots, he would use mesh, not paint perfect dots.

  10. It is harder, but Roy´╗┐ Litchenstein painted with dots…DOTS.

  11. thanks

  12. haha´╗┐

  13. architectus777

    No one said you had to, but if´╗┐ you wanted me to transform you into a cartoon, that’s what I charge.

  14. why the FUCK…´╗┐ would I pay $25?

  15. omfg im doing it and mny pic is startin to actually come alive .´╗┐ . . yay !!!! thanx <3 <3

  16. architectus777

    I don’t know if I can teach that part. It really comes down to experience and intuition. But as´╗┐ a general rules outer lines are thicker.

  17. DustinMichaelW

    for´╗┐ real

  18. Where i can get, a brush´╗┐ like yours, because i search it, and i cannot find it

  19. Five people don’t´╗┐ have Photoshop…

  20. dude,
    use pen tool.´╗┐

  21. putang´╗┐ ina mo.. muka kang pera!! 25$ ibibigay ko sayo? mhiya ka naman.. di ka naman kagalingan eh!

  22. way too fast´╗┐

  23. FLskater3DDI3

    but mine no have´╗┐ paintbucket

  24. Thanks for the´╗┐ video.

  25. Great´╗┐ tutorial