Feb 13

McMillen Fine Art Photography

Most people prefer wine colors or flavors that go with their personalities, but is there anyone who has heard of leveling wines to a dog’s personality?

Trish McMillen is the owner of Redstone’s McMillen Fine Art Photography with her husband Jared. she has now thought about this concept and has also decided to arrange what she terms a Yappy Hour on 9th February, Saturday.

The event that will be take place at the McMillen Fine Art Photography, is being arranged in collaboration with Fox School of Wine which will raise money for FOA (Friends of Animals) Utah.

Trish McMillen told that they would select wines and pairing those with the personalities of various dogs that she had photographed at FOA Utah rehabilitation ranch in Brown’s Canyon. She had photographed twelve dogs and unfortunately one has passed away. They would have black-and-white portraits of eleven dogs which are on 16 inch by16 inch canvases which will be available for a silent auction. Trish’s target was to capture the picture of dogs that required little more attention in the adoption process.

She told that in doing that they are focused on adult dogs over the age of 6. They also attempted to photograph as many black and gray dogs as they could, because Lisa Allison informed them that those dogs are most commonly overlooked for adoption.

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