Oct 16

Homeless People Turn Photographers for an Exhibition

Cafi Art Australia has done something unique in regards to photography in the two consecutive months of July and August of 2016.

The organization has given cameras to people who once in their lifetime had gone through the horrible experience of being homeless in a way or other. The authority had given ninety-five cameras to such people, and all the cameras were disposable.

As a result, all the people have taken some mesmerizing shots and to showcase them publicly the authority is arranging its opening exhibition. The exhibition will be at Sidney on 1st October. The timing will be at 3 pm sharp. Participants will be allowed to share their stories and experiences and their way of thinking that worked for taking the photographs.

The entire concept is driven by the thought of making a connection of those people, affected by homelessness, with the rest of the society. This way such people will be encouraged to continue with their passion, at the same time they will be more confident and will see the world differently with positive vibes. It will also raise awareness about an important fact like homelessness amidst people.
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Aug 16

Flying” tadpoles across blue sky wins Royal Society Publishing photography contest

An underwater snapshot of tadpoles apparently flying across a bright blue sky has received the 1st spot in the very first Royal Society Publishing photography contest, introduced to celebrate the power of photography to pass along science.

Bert Willaert, a scientist and photographer, captured the winning shot when he was snorkeling in a canal in his native Belgium.
Bert, who is an environmental adviser and a biologist of amphibian evolution, told that clear water is hard to come across in the part of Belgium where he lives, as a consequence of eutrophication. Algae grow from the nutrients washed down the drains in sewage and detergents, clouding the waters as well as choking other oxygen-dependent life. When he noticed these tadpoles in the crystal-clear canal he wanted to have the opportunity encounter from their perspective.
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Mar 16

Photo exhibit starts at the MFAH

The Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston, started annual Eye on Houston: High School Documentary Photography on 12th January. The exhibit is a quislingism between the Museum of Fine Arts and area high schools to showcase and celebrate the diverse neighborhoods of Houston. Eye on Houston would remain on display through 1st May, Sunday.

Eye on Houston

The Eye on Houston invites students to give a glimpse into their everyday experiences, lives, as well as personal tales. The exhibit, this year, expands to include a great number of the Houston communities. Continue reading →

Dec 15

Drone photographers getting a lot of attention

Looking out of the window of a plane, the world never gets old. There is an underlying fascination and beauty in checking things from a different view, which is likely why DIY drone photography has really taken off. Well, drones can reach where humans cannot, and in this way, they have introduced a brand new way of viewing both the practice of photography as well as the world around us.

As technology prices goes down, access to more interesting gadgets increases. Once, while just for tech-heads, one could now purchase an entry-level drone fixed with a camera for less than $200. But just because you could walk into a shop and purchase one, that does not mean one would automatically be able to achieve great photographs. Like all forms of art, there is creativity and skill required.

Perth-based landscape photographer Kirk Hille, who recently started drone photography, told that getting a good drone photo uses the same techniques as any other type of photograph.

It needs everything – framing, positioning, subject, angles and lighting. More importantly, you have to fly the thing as well. Gabriel Scanu, a Sydney-based photographer, have managed to gather up more than 20000 followers on Instagram with his aerial shots.

He told the Manchester employee benefit scheme that he personally tend to fly the drone to a good height and frame the camera pointing directly down to the ground, almost like a flat lay. He feels this angle is the most interesting and unique and perspective to shoot from.

Jun 15

Pictures that are difficult to believe, reports

If you seen from above, the Bushrangers Bay corresponds an old-fashioned keyhole hit into Bass Point located near Shellharbour, Sydney. It is very easy to see why the little bay is a real haven for sea creatures that hide in the seagrass beds and rockpools of this official wildlife sanctuary.

But at times, Bushrangers Bay is home to creatures which do not actually want to be there. The time when wind comes from northeast, fleets of bluebottles are boasted into the bay, from where they are not been able to navigate back to the ocean.

Matthew Smith, a Stanwell Park photographer, knew regarding this environmental demurrer, and saw a scope. He would drive to Bushrangers before morning and right on sunrise  sport his wetsuit as well as submerge himself among the floating creatures, attempting to get just the right shot. 18 months, and dozens of some stings, later, he had pocketed what he was looking for  a snap of a bluebottle along with a transparent sail as well as trailing tentacles, burning like a neon sign in the water at morning. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Camera Photo Art

Photo Art Movie Rating: / 5

Apr 15

Birmingham photography exhibit putting photogrphers in the frame

Photographers assembled to the NEC earlier this week as The Photography Show came back for their 2nd year. National Exhibition Centre’s Hall 5 became a photography lover’s place with every angle held back in focus. Whether you are a professional photographer, or an amateur, or just a photography enthusiast, there is something for everyone.

Canon offered a 1st public outing to their 50MP digital SLR’s – the EOS 5DS as well as EOS 5DS R – targeted at stills shots and their ultra wide EF 11-24mm lens for clicking architecture, interiors and landscapes. Its rival Nikon introduced their D7200, the company’s very first digital SLR with both NFC (near field communication) and wi-fi on board for smartphone connections as well as their 300mm F4 lens.

Along with these heavyweights, there were other popular companies like Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm and Sony. But as well as the top firms niche start ups were also in witness like TurnsPro, a time-lapse camera mount as well as Kickstarter program, from a West Country start-up. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Warner Bros affiliates Jennifer Lawrence for It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War

Warner Bros. has affiliated Jennifer Lawrence to star in Steven Spielberg’s “It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War,” said sources. The studio got an auction earlier on Monday for the rights to the autobiography by Lynsey Addario, as award-winning photojournalist.

Andrew Lazar, the producer of American Sniper is on board the drama. The whole project attracted several offers following an example of Addario’s essay appeared in New York Times Magazine. Addario traveled to war-torn places like Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. He also won MacArthur Fellowship in the year 2008 and was part of the New York Times team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for International Reporting for her work in Waziristan. She was jailed for several days in Libya in 2011.

Lazar’s company’s Wynn Wygal will manage “It’s What I Do.” Racheline Benveniste and Julia Spiro are overseeing for the studio. Steven Spielberg is in post-production on the popular DreamWorks-Disney Cold War thriller, starring Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks as attorney James Donovan that has been dated for 16th October. The studios have also set Steven Spielberg’s version of Roald Dahl’s kids’ book “The BFG” for 1st July, 2016. Continue reading →

Mar 15

CC Brooks photo art show at Zen

Photograph Artwork Movie Score: three / 5

Mar 15

“Sunday Drives” 3D Photo Art Pieces Cheyenne L Rouse – VW Beetle

Picture Artwork Video clip Rating: 5 / 5