Apr 13

Beauty explored through photography

Old Chapel was full of magnificent photography previous Wednesday, 10th April, featuring pictures taken by the students during many tours to Israel, including Birthright trips. Maggie Weinreb (13), arranged the event, working as Grinspoon Morningstar Intern on campus that is a program arranged by the Israel on Campus Coalition.

The exhibit was co-sponsored by The Idol, U for Israel, Hillel and the Garnet Minstrelles. Speaking about her motivation to arrange this event, Maggie Weinreb told that her main goal throughout the internship was for people to learn about the cultural aspects of Israel. Most people just think of the politics when it comes to Israel, and she wanted to show how much more there is to the amazing nation. She added that she just loves photography, and she realized that many students, over thirty, this past winter break have toured Israel.

The exhibit featured twelve student photographers – Irina Zhorov ‘13, Emanuel Storch ‘16, Zak Smolen ‘13, Shayna Han ‘15, Michelle Goldberg ‘14, Dylan Magida ‘14, Olivia Joyce ‘13, Erika Steuer ‘15, Dylan Taylor ‘16, Ariel Blum ‘13, Ben Berger ‘15 and Jessica Barofsky ‘13.

First position was handed to Taylor, while Joyce was in 2nd spot and Goldberg was in 3rd. Maggie considers this exhibit a huge success. She told that they planned to hang up all of the pictures in Hillel so that people could continue to learn through them.  Even tough there are no plans at present for the next event, she expected that it goes on next year with a new set of snaps.”

Feb 13

McMillen Fine Art Photography

Most people prefer wine colors or flavors that go with their personalities, but is there anyone who has heard of leveling wines to a dog’s personality?

Trish McMillen is the owner of Redstone’s McMillen Fine Art Photography with her husband Jared. she has now thought about this concept and has also decided to arrange what she terms a Yappy Hour on 9th February, Saturday.

The event that will be take place at the McMillen Fine Art Photography, is being arranged in collaboration with Fox School of Wine which will raise money for FOA (Friends of Animals) Utah.

Trish McMillen told that they would select wines and pairing those with the personalities of various dogs that she had photographed at FOA Utah rehabilitation ranch in Brown’s Canyon. She had photographed twelve dogs and unfortunately one has passed away. They would have black-and-white portraits of eleven dogs which are on 16 inch by16 inch canvases which will be available for a silent auction. Trish’s target was to capture the picture of dogs that required little more attention in the adoption process.

She told that in doing that they are focused on adult dogs over the age of 6. They also attempted to photograph as many black and gray dogs as they could, because Lisa Allison informed them that those dogs are most commonly overlooked for adoption.

Dec 12

Marine educator wins prestigious award

Amateur wildlife photographer Richard Wylie, who is also a research candidate at the Southern Cross University, won the prestigious National Geographic-La Mer Oceans Photo Contest his image ‘Weedy Seadragon in the Light’. With this picture, he also received a kitty of $ A27000 by edging out other professionals.

Richard is into wildlife photography for about one and a half year. With his PhD research, Richard is investigating the photography to accelerate the school students’ interest when it comes to marine life identification.

After winning the award, the forty one year old marine biologist told that he never thought that he would be in the running. His winning picture arouses a tropical environment, catching the magnificent colors of a male weedy seadragon. The snap was taken Mornington Peninsula’s Flinders Pier in Victoria. This species is the marine faunal emblem of Victoria.

Richard told that the conditions were just perfect; the day was clear with no wind. It was really magnificent under the water. Generally, it does not tend to be like that. Now, the CSIRO wants him to produce more pictures of that species for posters that will be distributed nationally.

Richard added that by winning this prestigious contest Museum Victoria scientists are really excited by the scope for international exposure of this magnificent and important Australian marine creature.
Richard Wylie has worked throughout the Southeast Asia and Pacific in aquaculture and marine conservation. Right now he is investigating how photography could be used for conservation and education.

Nov 12

Asian wedding photography festival

The much awaited Asian Wedding photography is scheduled to take place in Manchester. The event will take place next month. The workshop organized by renowned Ekram Haque and Monir Ali will be an opening to Asian wedding photography.

Factually, Asian wedding market is a flourishing sector. Clients are ready to spend 40, 000 pounds on the wedding and the number will increase in the future. Those who have thought of embarking out of their comfort zone for shooting Asian weddings, make sure to visit this workshop. You will get to know about several minute facts about Asian wedding. Monir Ali will take you through the amazing mysteries of several events from religious to cultural along with displaying moments of enjoyment and pain while shooting the Asian wedding.

The workshop allows both new and the existing photographers a platform to explore their skills and also provide them with tips and techniques that will help them grow as a photographer. The workshop will focus on some important points like specialty of Asian weddings, difference between European and Asian weddings, how to plan Asian wedding and how to earn profit while planning an Asian wedding.

Monir Ali is a renowned Asian wedding specialist and has been documenting Asian weddings for the past 7 years. He has shot over some 500 weddings across USA, UK, Europe and many more places. He very well shares the experiences that he has gained via Asian wedding photography.
The seminar will explore the culture, variety as well as the heritage that together make up the alluring wedding sector. Monir will also illustrate different cultural and religious aspects of wedding and also how to plan an Asian wedding. He will finely illustrate the documentary style and beauty of Asian wedding.

Oct 12

JIS jumps on historical display of pictures

JIS (Jamaica Information Service), in recognition of the Golden Jubilee of the nation has unveiled a photographic exhibition at their office at 58 A, Half Way Tree Road, showing the works of groundbreakers who have chronicled the history of the nation with their lenses.

The showcase features the technology which has been in use since the 1960s and also some magnificent pictures which have been clicked over the years as well as the photographers behind the camera.

Mrs. Donna-Marie Rowe, the Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica Information Service told that JIS is a trove for the state events of the nation. They have already been getting commendation from their clients on the demonstration’s quality that displays all the developments in photography for many years.

She added that these display also pays tribute to the photographers. Jamaica Information Service boasts some of the best photographers of the country. These demonstrations are also in honor of those who served the agency as well as by extension – the nation.

While talking about the advances in tech for the past fifty years, Dave Reid, the Photo Department’s Conceptualizer and Supervisor, told that one can really appreciate how tough it would have been for photographers to click quality images with much bulkier equipment in that time. For instance, he noted an aerial shot on display, in which the photographer would have leaned with his fifteen pound camera from a helicopter. In the past, they had to put attention on key details as they did not have computers or editing software.

Jul 12

Starting a Photographic Business

If you’re starting out in photography, here are the professionals you will be involved with.  Tim from Manchester Town Hall wedding photographer reckons these are all the people you need on your side…

Accountant: Business Plans; determining start-up investment; accounting and book keeping; revenues and taxes obligations

Insurance Company: Insuring your office or studio; Insuring your equipment and lack of assignments as a consequence of the loss of it; are insured for errors and omissions.

Lawyer: Incorporation of your company and all legal matters, including the copyrights of your work. Dealing with the public can be devastating if you do not have a legal professional by your side.

Website/ Designer: Design a website, create brochures and price lists; advertise on the World Wide Net; press releases; cards and stationary.

Secretary/assistant: Booking clients, keeping the studio in one piece after shootings; answer telephones, scheduling your days and filing negatives or files where they belong.

Jul 12

Fine Art Photography by Michael Flasch – Dance of the Muses

Photograph Art Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

Jul 12

Packard Plant 2 Detroit Ruins photo art for pcat photography fotos photos Exploring

Photo Artwork Video clip Rating: 5 / five

Jul 12

Packard Plant Detroit Ruins photo art for pcat photography fotos photos Exploring

Picture Art Video Score: 5 / five